Adelphoi came into existence in 1971 when Fr. Paschal Morlino, a young Benedictine monk who was motivated by a desire to help troubled and homeless youth, set out with a plan to open a home for boys. It was through that plan that he created a place of hope and healing for boys whose lives had taken alternative paths.

Forty-five years and growing….today, Adelphoi provides an extensive network of community-based programs and services to over 950 youth and families on a daily basis. Group homes, foster/adoptive care, a charter school, in-home services such as multisystemic therapy, education programs, mental health services, secure care and other services overlap to provide a complete continuum of care to children, youth and families.

With 21 residential facilities, Adelphoi is the 15th largest service provider in the Pittsburgh region serving 2,500 kids and families annually and employs 650 people operating 28 programs in 32 counties.

Through a foundation grant, Adelphoi is meeting the growing demand for services, as well as streamlining and centralizing services on campus. The organization is renovating an existing building into a centralized health center and adding a group home which will adjoin the existing Benet Home, accommodating 15 youth. Through these upgrades; staff, kids and families will be more efficiently served.

Adelphoi Renovation - CAVCON- rebuild

Building renovations are already underway at Adelphoi.

John Duwall, Director of Facilities at Adelphoi, indicated that CAVCON had done previous renovations on the campus and the quality of the work, as well as pricing were contributing factors in choosing them as the contractor for these renovations. Communication with CAVCON staff has been excellent throughout the process. The health center renovation is ahead of schedule and they are now getting ready to break ground with the Benet Home addition.

Adelphoi intends to remain a leading force in the care and treatment of youth and families in crisis. Through the structural additions, as well as dedicated staff, they are positioned to do so for years to come.