Groundbreaking for the new Indiana County Education & Technology Center (ICETC) occurred mid-November.  The project will be home to a new Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC) campus.  A recently signed dual admission program agreement between WCCC and IUP will provide a forward path toward a 4-year degree for WCCC students. The program provides a curriculum plan for students that is a seamless transition from associate to bachelor’s degree. Students who meet eligibility requirements will be able to attend 2 years at WCCC and then transfer to IUP to obtain their 4-year degree.

CAVCON Construction is overseeing project management and construction of the 26,000 square foot state-of-the-art technology building which will house WCCC campus and the future challenger project.  Desmone Architects and Stiffler-McGraw Civil Engineers were instrumental in the development of the project.  Future plans for the project provide space for creation of the Challenger Learning Center which will allow students to experience a fully interactive space mission.  Teachers will be able to bring the Challenger Center experience to their 3rd-5th grade students with this suite of digital STEM experiences.

The building will be housed on the site that is home to Indiana County Technology Center, a technical school in Indiana County serving high school and adult students.  The technology center provides technical and academic curricula offering students both theory and hands-on education into secondary education or direct employment into the trades.  The addition of the new ICETC building will provide additional educational exposure and opportunities from elementary school through the trades and post-secondary education.   The ICETC will serve as an educational hub for the residents of Indiana, Westmoreland counties, and beyond.

Funding for the project came from a variety of sources.  Byron Stauffer and key leadership in Indiana County were instrumental in spearheading the project.

Upon completion of construction, the ICETC educational hub will serve as a gateway to good jobs and education in Indiana county.

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