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For years, CAVCON has been involved with Adelphoi in providing construction services for a variety of projects. On May 17, 2018, CAVCON and Adelphoi broke ground on a 3.5 million dollar project that included construction of both a Welcome Center and Youth and Family Center. CAVCON will serve as the Construction Manager of the project. The Welcome Center will be situated at the gateway to campus, the center will be provide a structured spot for providing admissions for youth entering residential care or returning to campus from a home visit. This building will allow Adelphoi staff to be on-hand to… Continue reading


There is a paradigm shift happening to the energy hub in the Northern Panhandle within the Ohio River Valley with the announcement of the Shell Petrochemical Plant and subsequent announcement of second plant in Ohio.  While petrochemical manufacturing began in Appalachia in the 1920’s, the Gulf Coast region has been the center of the U.S. petrochemical industry since the mid20th century. With its abundant supplies of hydrocarbon raw materials and vast network of pipelines and natural gas liquids storage structures, it has been the center of chemicals production for the last six decades. Much of the industry’s recent wave… Continue reading


The Shell Petrochemical Plant, known to many as the “Cracker Plant” continues to be the catalyst for growth, job creation and job training in the region. As the Pittsburgh economy has grown and expanded beyond steel industry, will the cracker plant and the plastics manufacturers that use those byproducts become the next revolution of manufacturing in the region? How will the region continue to position itself to meet the demands of the trades? Workforce development is a key component of that success. Exploration of the trades must be discussed and explored with students as early as middle school. We may… Continue reading

STATE OF THE MON VALLEY – by Christopher Whitlatch

The “Mon” is the “river that built the world.” I have heard that statement many times, since I took on the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Mon Valley Alliance, a community development nonprofit organization, in September of 2016. The statement is true. Steel, glass and other materials and products manufactured in the Mon Valley were shipped around the world and are in everything from the Golden Gate Bridge to Chrysler cars to your kitchen. With the closing of the steel mills and the subsequent population collapse, the story of decline has also been well documented. Today, what we… Continue reading