Did you ever hear the saying out with the old and in with the new?  That applies to repurposing older buildings to bring life and new business into an old, existing structure.  Often owners may struggle with whether to start from scratch or try to remodel.  In the scheme of things if a building is structurally sound, the roof and the outside skin can be updated and changed.  That’s the value of working with a design/build construction firm.  At CAVCON, we look at a structure and give our clients the most cost effective and best option for reusing their existing space.

Years ago, you could walk into a permitting office and walk out with a permit to begin construction.  In today’s construction environment, you can save time and money by utilizing an existing building and eliminating the need for site plan approval.  In some cases – this can save up to a year’s worth of red tape if the building is in an environmentally sensitive area.

First Commonwealth Vandergrift, CAVCON

New flooring and carpet, along with interior painting and lighting brought new life to this repurposed building.

CAVCON recently updated an existing building to create a modern look for First Commonwealth Bank in its Vandergrift office.  This space has had many uses – at one time a gas station, a savings and loan branch, justice of the peace office and now home to a new First Commonwealth Bank branch.

The outside of the building was run down, the building’s exterior had cracks in the concrete, landscape was overgrown, the interior had peeling paint, the flooring was dated, and in general, the building needed some attention.  However, the structure of the building was sound.

Step into an updated entryway complete with a company’s brand colors.  New flooring and carpet, along with interior painting and LED lighting has brought new life and purpose to a neglected space.  The exterior had a rock facing put on to replace cracked concrete.  The concrete and curbs were repaired, fresh paint was added to give color and contrast.

The end result for First Commonwealth Bank and their clients, a sleek and modernized building in which to serve their customers.  When banks or any other business are competing for clients, it is important to give the client the impression that the organization is a progressive in keeping up with technology and the times.  No customer wants to go into a dingy space to do business, but rather feels empowered in their decision to work with a progressive organization that offers a pleasant atmosphere to do business.

First Commonwealth Vandergrift, CAVCON

The end result is what matters. The updates resulted in a sleek and modernized building that fits the needs of the clients.

For both CAVCON and First Commonwealth Bank, reutilizing the existing space allowed the construction process to move quickly and provided a shorter turn-around time for First Commonwealth Bank to open its doors to serve their clients in a modern location.

About CAVCON: CAVCON brings together three generations of Building Owners/Managers and General Contractors with Design/Build expertise focusing on Medical, Commercial, Retail, Manufacturing and Light Industrial projects. As a full-service merit shop general construction company CAVCON provides design-build services incorporating value engineering, collaborative modeling and turn-key general construction services to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.